Deanna Deadly

The Invisible tickler!

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:08:54
Posted: 12/14/2017
File size: 340.26 MB
Category: Tickling
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Big Butts , Big Butts , Redhead , Legs , Ass

NO NUDITY. MANY GREAT SHOTS OF MY MUSCULAR CALVES AND BACKSIDE.8 Minutes and 53 secondĀ  video for only $8.99! Lower quality then most of my clips because this is older!

Fetishes include: TICKLING, FOOT FETISH, ASS FETISH, LINGERIE, BIG BUTTS, CALVES."Lay on your tummy with your (bare) legs close together resting as if you just got home from work or something. You would be up on your elbows reading a magazine/tablet and you come across an article about "an invisible tickler". You read out loud "An invisible tickler, how strange" "Oh God I'm so ticklish". "It says if it strikes you should try and hold as still as possible" "hmmm, Oh god I'm really ticklish." You keep reading for a few more seconds and all of a sudden you feel really light TICKLES on the backs of your calves and knees. You start breathing hard as you try and hold still. You flex, squirm, tighten and relax your legs all the while you keep them close together. You don't laugh but are more shocked and trying to take the severe tickling on the backs of your legs while trying to hold still. Lots of biting your lip and trying not to move yet your leg muscles flex, tighten and you squirm you legs. You stretch them out tightly but keeping them close together. All throughout the video you say in a whispery voice "Oh god it ticklesss", "tickles soo bad" things like that. At least every 20 or so seconds. Love to hear you say "Tickles".Camera is focused on the backs of your legs (panning down onto your legs). Different angles would be good. Wear panties and a top."