The Intern Needs Dick

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Clip length: 00:29:21
Posted: 02/26/2016
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Category: Erotica

Starring Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue

The Intern walks into her bosses office, barefoot. He’s trying to run a Fortune 500, he can’t have someone unpaid intern looking like a cheap h****r waiting to give him a hand job in the back of his car. He gets so frustrated with her attitude he just freezes her with his Timestop Watch.

He poses her face and body in humiliated and sexy positions, unfreezing her to her own dismay. He slowly strips her, moving her around his office until he finds the right position, on her back, her mouth open on his desk. His quickly throws his clothes off and rams his dick down her frozen throat. He unfreezes her and, confused, she tries to back away, but he quickly freezes her again. He goes down on her while he positions her fingers to squeeze her own nipples. Satisfied he spreads her legs and fucks her on his desk, laying her on her side and eventually bending her over. He sits down in a leather chair and uses her latticed sweater to f***e her mouth down onto his cock. He unfreezes her and pounds his dick down her throat until he cums in mouth.

She spits the cum back onto his dick, threatening to sue for everything he’s worth. With a flick on his wrist she is frozen again!

Later he comes back for a little more action, fucking her mouth as she lays on there stomach on his desk. He fucks her again, in several positions, before moving her to a couch and posing her with a sexy “come hither” face. If she’s going to dress like a slut, she might as well be one!

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Intern, Timestop, Freeze, Strip, Posing, Blow Job, Fucking, Doggystyle, Unfreeze, Confuse, Cumshot

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