Mistress Salem

The Homewrecker Next Door Blackmail

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Posted: 10/07/2018
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Category: Home Wrecker
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Blackmail Fantasy , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Brat Girls

This time you're not so sneaky & I catch you lurking behind My garage as I'm watering My garden! I put you in a lawn chair in full view of your house just in case wifey comes home early!!! I give you a sexy & sadistic taste of what you're in for- I've caught you & there's no way out of this. I have expectations for you bitchboy- Now you work for ME. Every day you'll work hard to satisfy Me & come home early just like today so you can serve Me in so many ways... if you do a good job you get the ultimate reward of kissing My ass!! After all, I'm the homewrecker next door... I see you watching Me & sometimes I even put on a little show just to fuck with your mind even harder...So now you see, I know everything about your life! I could have you publicly shamed out of this neighborhood & I could tell your wife everything & end your marriage... but you're going to be a good bitchboy & do everything your new Owner says- crawl on your hands & knees to do My gardening, wash My laundry, clean up after My man & I while you kick yourself for choosing such a boring life for yourself. THANK GODDESS THE HOMEWRECKER NEXT DOOR SEDUCES & CAPTURES & ENSLAVES YOU FOR GOOD! Now your whole boring life is cured and you have purpose. I test you out to see if you're even worthy of My attention especially after that stunt you pulled coming into My yard... but like I said, I did it on purpose, I want to blackmal you and make you My bitchboy- there is no limit to the kind of fun we're going to have while your wife isn't home, I'm going to use you for so many pleasures.. this is just the very beginnig of your initation...