The End Of Men - Arousal Addiction

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Posted: 07/15/2017
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Latex , Femdom POV

Your masturbation compulsion has you by the balls. Your need to jerk is truly insatiable; an itch you just can't seem to scratch. Sure, you're addicted to femdom porn & you'll never escape; we've established that for sure. But today I'm here to show you just how deep this affliction goes. WHY you're addicted, and how ultimately what scientists call 'arousal addictions' may culminate in the end of men. As a gender, males are proving to be more and more inferior, less and less suited to the nature of the modern world. Your brain just isn't wired for dominance and success in today's society the way it may have been decades ago. Sorry not sorry, sweetie! So keep on wanking. Keep on paying. Keep on doing the grunt work and letting beautiful, powerful, superior women reap the rewards. It'll make it easier to swallow when soon you have no choice ;)