Queen Mistress Sophia

The Breeding Program

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Posted: 07/11/2019
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Executrix , Goddess Worship , Medical Fetish , Fantasy

Wake up specimen 11034, it's time to run some tests and you need to be conscious while we do so, you are strapped down and held tightly.It is important that you do not struggle... You are now the property of the emerging world government.This is a non-consensual breeding program conducted by Headmistress S, The groundbreaking genetic scientist based in a secret black ops lab in the depths of Antartica.You have been delivered here and kept in isolation for 3 months under close observation by a team of genius female scientists hoping to develop the next generation species of slave male worker humans.You may or may not be suitable to serve as a stud for the breeding program, that is still to be determined. Headmistress S must look over you closely herself, inspect you for quality and adaptability to see if you fit the standards of her criteria for slave studs.The unsuitable or defective human waste is disposed of after this inspection. Good Luck.MISTRESS-SOPHIA.COM