Miss Kelle Martina

Terry's Initiation

Price: $7.99
Clip length: 00:07:40
Posted: 06/14/2017
File size: 323.59 MB
Category: Role Play
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Religious , Femdom POV , Strap-On

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I’d like to see you nude like on that recent clips 4 sale religious clip. Tell me that you're actually a witch of the devil and that the purpose of your entire career as a f****d bi Domme has been to lead us to Satan. Tell me you're an agent of 666, the antichrist.

Now fagify me. Tell me to prepare myself for Satan’s cock, to fill my ass with a massive cock to lay down and hump my sheets backing up into Satan’s cock. Tell me to fuck the sheets as Satan fucks me gay! Tell me to cum on the sheets and to suck it up as only you can.

I've watched you for a while, you are truly one of the great f****d bi dommes. Thanks for all you've done to corrupt us weaklings who don't deserve you.

Extreme abuse with a Satanic angle!