Ceara Lynch

Tell Me Your Worst Secret

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Posted: 08/05/2018
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Category: Female Domination

There’s something you want to get off your chest. It is suffocating you, strangling your heart creating so much anxiety and depression in your life. If only you had someone you trusted with your deep dark secret that’s destroying you from the inside. You need to tell someone or else it’s going to tear your life apart. Don’t feel ashamed about your deepest, most private desires. I can keep your secrets safe. Telling me would strengthen our bond, bringing us closer, making you special among my servants. Knowing your secrets would demonstrate your devotion and faith in your Goddess. You can even keep your identity anonymous if you feel scared of being found out. I promise I won’t use this sacred information against you. Don’t fear about being blackmailed or exposed., all I want is to hear your dirtiest thoughts, secret feelings, and any skeletons you are hiding in your closet. So tell me… Go on, you can trust me…