Goddess Christina

Teachers Pet: I Always Get My Way

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Posted: 03/09/2018
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Blackmail Fantasy , Home Wrecker , Tit Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV

I'm very disappointed that you gave me a C- on my test Mr! Does a girl like me look like I deserve a C-? I don't think so! You will be changing it to no less than an A. Don't think that I don't know what you're doing after we have our little meetings. You take off into the men's restroom and spend what seems like FOREVER in there. I know that you're jerking off. I can tell how nervous I make you. How turned on you are when you see me. I watch your eyes wander up and down my body. I'm young and hot and you're old and ugly. You just can't get enough of me can you?! Well here I am inside your home. Just you and me. You're hard aren't you Mr. You want to get your cock out and stroke it for me! Go on get it out. You're going to be a good boy and give me what I want!