Worship Goddess Genevieve

Targaryn Goddess Breaks the Horse Lords with her Entrancing Breasts

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Posted: 05/26/2016
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Role Play , Authority Figures , Tit Worship , Fire Play , Goddess Worship

In this amazing clip, I recreate an awesome scene from GOT featuring my favorite character.  You are Khal Moro, mightiest of the Khals, the Dothraki Horselords.  Your khalassar horse legions have raided and pillaged far and wide, and you are the strongest and most feared fighter of the age.  Now you have had brought before you and the other Khals your most prized possession: the M****r of Dragons, the Targaryen Goddess.  She is here so that you can tell her what you’ve decided to do with her.  But you and the other Khals are shocked when the arrogant little thing tells you that not only will she decide her own fate, she’s now going to lead the Dothraki and you will follow and obey her!  Your mighty laughter echoes through the hall as you and the other Khals prepare to ravage her savagely for her arrogance.  That is, until she pulls down her dress, revealing the most amazing, perfect breasts you have ever beheld.  Looking on her stunning goddess breasts is like looking at fire.  Instantly entranced, you are unable to move, and listen mesmerized as the Dragon Goddess tells you that her breasts are her mightiest weapons, more powerful than her dragons or her armies, that no man can resist their hipnotic power, and that she has enslaved half the world with them already.  Now completely entranced by her amazing goddess breasts, you are unable to disobey as she orders you and the other Khals to take out your cocks and stroke them for her, then kneel before her and worship her entrancing, perfect tits.  Before she is done with you, her flames will consume your wills, and her irresistible breasts will break you, just like you break your horses.  Then she will own your cocks and control your weak male minds.  You are no longer Dothraki stallions, you are her little tame ponies, obediently stroking at her command.  With your cocks and minds completely enslaved, you have no choice but to submit as she counts you down to a final, firey, orgasmic surrender.


Can Moro and the other Khals break free of the Dragon Goddess’s entrancing breasts before her flames consume them and they are enslaved, or will they be her obedient, broken little pony boys forever, ridden hard at her will and for her pleasure alone?  If you know me by now, you should know the answer, but you’ll buy this clip anyway because you know you’ll have such a delicious time being turned into my tame little pony boy…