Price: $13.00
Clip length: 00:12:47
Posted: 03/25/2017
File size: 510.66 MB
Category: Gags
Secondary categories:
Femdom POV , Bondage , Female Domination

Outfit: Wearing very conservative attire, business suit. Skirt, blouse/shirt. nerdy glasses, Hair up? High heels, red nail polish? Fetishes: Duct tape, Tape Gag, Gag Talk, Sensual Domination, Female Domination, Teacher fetish. Outline: You are the librarian who has very strict rules for talking in the library. I have a problem with talking and disrupting the other people in the library. You get fed up with me and have to "punish me". You explain that I need to "shut my mouth or you will shut it for me", I continue to be disruptive and talkative so you set me in a chair use duct tape to tape my arms to the chair one at a time, also my legs one at a time and then my chest to the chair. Then you explain that rules for anyone who talks too much in your library have to have their mouth taped shut to prevent any more disturbance. You continue to explain while taping my mouth, Saying things like: “As the rule clearly states, anyone caught talking will have their mouth taped shut.” “Shh, no more talking my dear.” How many times did I warn you to shut your mouth?” “I love it when you can’t talk.”

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