Kelle Martina

Taking Your Orgasm

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Posted: 08/05/2018
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Category: Ruined Orgasms
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Masturbation Instruction , Lingerie , Femdom POV

I know you love stroking for me. A submissive boy like you loves to take orders, especially when it comes to rubbing your cock. I want you to go ahead and get it nice and hard for me while you imagine being in this steel bondage chair I’ve got behind me. Can you imagine being strapped in with cold steel around your wrists and ankles while your vulnerable cock is pumped up and down by my slippery hands? Teasing you. Speeding up. Slowing down. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in this clip, but remember I own you. I own your cock and I own your orgasms so you will obey whatever I tell you. And I will do whatever I’d like to you.

Sensual ruined orgasm.

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