Kelle Martina

Taboo Reunion

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Posted: 07/08/2018
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POV , Strip Tease , Femdom POV

Wardrobe: Just a button up shirt + bra.

It would be a bro and sis that had a secret relationship throughout high school until he broke it off seeing it as wrong. He leaves for college and finds a fiancé. He'll come to the party with his current fiancé, but he's had his sis on his mind and is starting to want her, terribly. She'll notice it, and drag him away while his fiancé is busy with others.

0 - 3: She'll tease him about wanting her. Not being able to resist what they both want. And as she's talking she'll be leaning in close, reaching down and rubbing his crotch, whispering all the things they could have done while he was away.

3 - 6: She'll start unbuttoning her top and start taunting seductively. She'll taunt him about how hard he's getting already and she hasn't even really done anything. Then she'll say how doesn't this show they're meant to be. Finally she'll take off the bra and leave the unbuttoned shirt on. After which she'll push him onto the bed and start giving a blowjob.

6- 9: She'll lean back and he'll go in, eating her out. She'll coax him on seductively and be touching herself. Then she'll push him away and go up to doggy, flipping around and smirking.

9 - 12: She'll smile and straddle and start riding. She'll make him lie back and come on top, telling him to tell her how much he loves her and misses her. I'd like lots of breast caressing and squeezing. Also licking lips and dirty talk.

12 - 15 Reverse cowgirl with her taunting him about how much he loves watching her bounce on his cock. She'll look back and smirk while riding occasionally and say how much she missed it.

Finish: She'll slide off and turn around and kiss him slowly and then tell him all he has to do now is end it with his fiancé and they can be together as they're meant to.

A steamy sibling renunion.

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