Devious Queen

Sweet surender

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Posted: 06/08/2015
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Category: Goddess Worship
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Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Hypno-Robo , Magic , Female Domination

If you want to lose control, be dazed and steered down into an mesmerizing oasis than you are in the right place. All you need to do is to listen to My voice and be a good open receptive boy. You will find that the soothing magic sound of My voice will make it easy for you to lose control and go deep down for Me. A t****e that feels so good for the body and mind, so relaxing, so addictive. A place you will always want to return. A place where you can be exactly who you are: a submissive. A submissive loving worshiping his Mistress.

Femdom, Goddess Worship, Mesmerize, Magic Control, Mental Domination, Mindfuck, Erotic Magic, Sensual Domination, Orgasm Control