Miss Kelle Martina

Swallowing My Boyfriend

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Posted: 05/02/2018
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Big Tits , Shrinking , Vore , Femdom POV

Your boyfriend (the camera - all pov style) has been dealing with tons of problems at work and in his personal life. You recognize that he's suffering so you decide that the best way to help him is to shrink him down to one inch tall so he can worship you. (video starts with person shrunken)

Explaining to now tiny boyfriend why you shrank him and everything will be alright. Gently nuzzle the camera and be affectionate to it for this part. Kiss it, nuzzle it, hug it, mash the camera with your breasts, tell the camera all the naughty ways you can have fun together. Have a fake one sided conversation about him asking you to return him to normal size but you tell him it isn't possible.

Throw the camera into your cleavage while having a conversation like the above. Try to "soothe" him, by mashing the camera with your breasts. Get irritated that the boyfriend is still so anxious and worried, he should be happy he can pay you so much attention now.

Tell boyfriend while still in your cleavage that this isn't working out, but you have another way of ridding his worries. . by getting rid of him. Talk about how how you enjoyed your time with him but you can't deal with it anymore.

Take bf out of cleavage and move him around in your hand a bit. Tell bf not to worry, you'll meet someone else soon to fuck. Be really cruel and talk about all sorts of different ways to destroy him (sitting on him, drowning him, putting him in your shoes, etc) Tease the camera too (if you say you might sit on him, show him your butt as an example). Tell bf that you'll let him jerk off one more time though, if he's able to finish.

Slowly tease and do a JOI countdown. Have him cum in your cleavage but be super demeaning and humiliating of him the whole time.

Tell bf you hope he finds peace but you've decided that you are going to swallow him and put him inside of you, Tease camera with mouth for a bit. Adlib and be cruel, talking about how the only thing he'll worry about now is melting inside of you. Then "swallow" the camera pov style and end with you patting your stomach.

Disposing of my tiny boyfriend.