Superteam Bdown

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Clip length: 00:11:25
Posted: 10/13/2015
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Category: Super Heroine

Starring Ashley Lane, Darcie Belle, and Javier Lovetongue

 Supergirl and Stargirl are fighting an evil henchman. For a minute, they’re winning. Stargirl blasts him with her cosmic rod and Supergirl tosses him onto the bed. But now he’s pissed. He changes the settings on his gloves and punches them both down, then he breaks Stargirl’s cosmic rod in half! 

The girls are down, so he carries them to the bed to punish them. He beats them down more, so that they cooperate. Then he pulls down their panties so he can really teach them a lesson. He brings out his weapon- a powerful vibrator that will drain their powers. 

Despite their consistent protests, this evil henchman does his worst. He uses the vibrator on their super pussies, draining them of their powers, rendering them weaker than ever before. Then he fucks Stargirl to really seal the deal. 

 Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Domination, Vibrator, Fighting, Beating, Costumes, Role Play, Boot Fetish.

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