Mina Thorne

Superhero Caged

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Posted: 03/12/2017
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Category: Super Heroine
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Femdom POV , Fantasy , Female Domination

It was simply too easy to capture you once I learned what your weakness was, Me! Apparently superheros aren't stronger than your average male, they just as easily fall victim to the sexy, strong wiles of a powerful woman. Now I have you locked in my cage, easily seducing you and drugging you into a stupor. It will be impossible for you to stop me now, and the longer I keep you locked up the more your past will fade from your memory. Soon everyone will soon forget the superhero that once protected these streets from villains like me. There will be no one to stop me from gaining even more power. Slowly I will absorb your memory and energy, and soon you will even turn into one of my evil henchmen. Weak and obedient. but I may just keep you locked up forever.