Goddess Rosie

Sunday School Domination

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Posted: 08/19/2015
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Like a good christian boy attended every single Sunday school class in your youth. In your adult life, you continue the same. Today your regular teacher could not make it. She all of a sudden became very ill, oh no.The substitute teacher for the day is Miss Rosie. Miss Rosie is here today to continue the previous week's lesson concerning abstinence. Little do you know this lesson is about to turn on its head!Miss Rosie proceeds to question you and the class about your so called religion and how restrictive it is. Abstinence until marriage is complete rubbish and she knows that men cannot resist the sight of a beautiful woman. Miss Rosie begins to undress revealing quite inappropriate, yet erotic pieces of clothing.Miss Rosie is really here today to make you all worship her and make her your NEW Lord and Savior. Fuck all you thought you knew and worshipped. You weak and pathetic boys were born to do my bidding and worship me.Miss Rosie will not take NO for an answer. To show her power she sets your precious bible on fire before your very eyes. Miss Rosie is a very powerful DEMON GODDESS with supreme magickal powers. Powers that infect your brain and make you her ultimate SLAVE. Miss Rosie snaps her fingers and a small bit sets ablaze. In goes your STUPID BIBLE!You are hypn0tized by the flames and a screwed up, dark voice fills your head. Miss Rosie is inside you, you can not resist, you are to worship HER.You leave the flame, feeling a type of EUPHORIA. GODDESS ROSIE looks so much more beautiful, exciting and her voice makes you SUPER weak.GODDESS ROSIE is not done yet. To seal the deal she wants you to jerk off... right here, right now in church. FUCK YOUR GOD! I AM YOUR GOD! YOU WORSHIP ME NOW! JERK FOR GODDESS ROSIE LIKE A GOOD BOY. You are to cum when GODDESS ROSIE tells you to. You will be a good boy for her, won't you?

Contains: religion, roleplay, female domination, leather boots, boot fetish, boot domination, femdom pov, erotic magic, magic control, jerk off instruction, humiliation, masturbation humiliation, masturbation instruction, goddess worship, ebony goddess