Kelle Martina

Suck and Satisfy

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Posted: 08/24/2018
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You want to be a good cock sucker for me, I know. You don’t just want to suck dick, you want to suck dick for me. Because I’m making you do it. You don’t just want to be a good cock sucker; you want to be the best cock sucker. And how do you get better at something without practicing? You just can’t. I want you to have a dildo. I want you to get a dildo that is of average to above average size with a flexibility similar to the real thing because this is your practice dildo. You’re going to use it and follow along and use it as I tell you how to suck cock properly. I’m going to teach you how to satisfy a man with your mouth for my amusement.

Now open and swallow.

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