Worship Goddess Genevieve

SUCCUBUS Spring masquerade

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Clip length: 00:09:31
Posted: 03/19/2019
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Category: Mesmerize
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Curvy , Dildos , Redhead , Orgasm Control , Mouth

The Succubus, so sensual, so enchanting, so shiny, so addicting..must look away, cannot look away, the urge to give in overtaking your thoughts, diving deeper into the forbidden.

It's a Masquerade, and you're in prime time playboy game mode. We lock eyes from across the room, you're instantly entranced by my shiny, tight, little black dress and busting bosom, you must introduce yourself, we continue to exchange some teasing conversation, and you're so confident you're easily going to win me over, yet unaware of just how powerful of a match you've encountered. We eventually find a more private area and before you know it, you're so deeply mind intertwined, horny and utterly under My control that you find yourself dropping to your knees, obediently, erotically dripping and begging Me for a release as I tease you with my lips, curves, eyes and erotic voice. Soon you'll have no control over my seduction and give in. Who has who now ;)