Goddess Christina

SUBMISSION Euphoria: Mesmerized & Denied

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Clip length: 00:13:07
Posted: 11/12/2018
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Category: Orgasm Denial
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Mesmerize , Goddess Worship , Ass Worship , Orgasm Control , Legs

Resistance is futile. Submission is what you crave. It’s everything you truly want. Submission is BLISS. EUPHORIA!!! You don’t want there to be any resistance left within you. You want to be totally committed to ME. Totally lost in ME. To be MINE. To be only MINE forever! Follow my sway back and forth. Your eyes travel backkk and forthhh. Slowly go deeper and deeper for ME. Growing harder each second. More and more mesmerized by the view in front of you. More submissive. ADDICTED! Say my name. Say YES GODDESS CHRISTINA!