Ceara Lynch

Sub Duties

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Posted: 02/10/2019
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Category: Domination

If you want to serve me, then you have to follow my rules. I’ll lay out the circumstances for your Sub duties. First, and most importantly, YOU OBEY ME! There are thousands of lowly devoted wannabe slaves waiting for you to fuck up and take your place. My rules are very strict because you are here to be trained to be the ideal Sub ready to serve in whatever I command. I will make you clean, do chores, lock you in chastity, teach you to be a cock sucker, anything that will make you the perfect slave. You will be a willing servant, eager to serve and entertain at a moment’s notice. Everything I teach is to help you become a better person, since the man you used to be was worthless, a pathetic waste of a life. I’ll even send you to school to study finance so you can become a successful financial paypig slave and afford my services. You will be forever grateful I showed you the way of becoming the devoted Sub you were always meant to be.

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