Kelle Martina

Stroked Senseless

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Posted: 08/01/2018
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Category: Female Domination
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Foot Worship , Cum Shots , Handjobs , Foot/Shoe Fetish

My slave is lying down on the floor between my legs. He has a lovely view of my black lace panties. His cock is already so hard. My black, gloved hands and his cock are slippery with coconut oil. I ask him to close his eyes and focus on the feeling on my fingers running up and down his cock.

I’m going to edge him over and over again. Every time, I’m going to stop when he’s about to cum. When I feel his cock harden and the blood swelling I’ll stop and let him breathe through every little edge. He’s only going to cum when I allow it. It won’t be hard to make that happen, though. He’s so hard already. I could make him cum at any second.

Over and over again I stoke him hard and fast for a few seconds then stop abruptly causing him to moan in frustration. I’m so good at edging my slaves. I remind him to breathe slowly and deeply. You can see his stomach rising and falling as he tries to follow my orders. He’s right on the edge. Throbbing.

I move my feet up onto his stomach and command him to massage them and I continue stroking his hard, slippery cock. Then, I move them closer to his face so he can lick them. He groans appreciatively whilst he laps at my toes and I squeeze his cock between my soft thighs.

I move my back and start jerking his cock with my feet. I wonder how many times I can edge him? I bet he’d really like to cum for me right now but I’m going to edge him twice more before I allow him to explode. I stroke his cock hard and fast before releasing it again before using alternating hands to grab his cock at the base and slowly run up to the tip. I can tell he’s ready to cum so I grab his cock hard and tell him to hold it.

Now that I got the two more edges I wanted I’ll allow him to cum. He doesn’t have to hold back anymore. I let his orgasm build more and more – closer and closer. Finally, he cums for me. It drips and oozes at and pools on his stomach. There’s so much cum. The clip includes an instant replay of the cumshot!

That really was a lot of cum.