Stroke & Pay, Stroke & Pay (interactive)

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Posted: 05/13/2017
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Category: Masturbation Instruction

You love my instructions on how to wank that pathetic little prick of yours, so today we’re going to play a little game, stroke and pay, stroke and pay. I think you have a good idea how this game is going to go. 22 minutes of ultimate tease and jerk off instructions. I'm going to tease you until your cocks are rock hard and desperate. I'm going to blow your mind with sensational teasing. I’ll let you have 50 free strokes of that cock, you're now dripping with pure excitement, I continue to tease you - if you want to carry on stroking your dick you're going to have to tribute me $50 I’ll then allow you another 50 strokes of your tiny dick whilst I tease the fuck out of you some more and then if you want to carry on stroking it’s another $50. Fast strokes, slow strokes, I’ll guide you all the way on how to fuck your hand, how I want you to stroke that cock for me - after all I own it. If at any point you can’t hold your orgasm you owe me a big fat $500 for being such a loser and prematurely ejaculating. Get your lubes & lotions, I don’t care what it is, use margarine if you have to and rub it all over that prick of yours, now this time you can have 100 strokes of that cock, lets mix it up, slow then fast frantic wanking, I bet you’re absolutely dying to shoot your load now, I want you right on the edge, so close to that orgasm, hold it there for me until I give you permission to release those balls. If you want to spurt everywhere it’s going to cost you $100, yes piggy, you pay to play!! How good does your cock feel right now? When you follow my orders and submit to my beauty - it feels fucking good doesn’t it, it’s the best feeling in the world to you loser. It’s what you live for, me, my beauty, submitting to me, following my orders, making my life easier, pleasing me. You’d be lost without me. Worship your goddess.

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