Miss Kelle Martina

Stroke And Choke

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Posted: 05/13/2018
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Category: Handjobs
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Glove Fetish , Masturbation Instruction , Leather , Femdom POV

Come here. Come closer. You want worship these leather gloves? Oh, you want them closer to you? What about having them around your neck? Me, squeezing my leather gloves around your throat? Look at you now! You’re getting harder when I squeeze your throat! I’m going to silence you with this leather gag I shove in your mouth and buckle tightly. No one is going to hear you scream. Do you like when I touch your cock while you’re gagged? I’m going to stroke your cock until you cum all over these leather gloves. I think a good boy like you will enjoy that.

Sensual leather Domination.