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Posted: 08/04/2019
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Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Hypno-Robo , Orgasm Control

MESMERISE TRAINING FILM | I want you to watch this while you ride a nice big fat toy and deep throat like the whore you really are.

This film is designed to deeply penetrate the mind during training. Heavily mesmerising and suggestive, this training lesson includes elements of the following.




This series is a striking exploration into modern femdom art.


Incredibly intimate, I am delving deep into your mind, in a beautiful and powerful way.


I am visually decadent and deliberately hypnotic, I intend to draw you into a new, unknown realm and f***e you to feel something.


These films are about your one on one connection with me, we are alone together, just the two of us with my mind as the light to guide you throughout your journey. They light the way throughout your training, offering you both mental training and physical thrills. The perfect combination.


My art will draw you in and take you down a storyline of my choosing. We have no desire to rush, we are taking our time meandering down your corridors. Sometimes a film will include a real or imagined Fantasy storyline, sometimes it will be something that I want you to become or a scene that I want to play out with you.


I shoot in Incredible detail. All films are shot in high definition in my new professional studio, these films are most suited to those who appreciate a creative direction to their femdom porn. Many of you will pick up on my photographic, vintage and pop art influences quite quickly. I love the idea of modernizing the vintage pulp fetish look and turning it into something new and fresh.



I light my films specifically to wrap around my curves and show them off in such detail that you feel right here in the room below me, almost able to reach out and touch me.

As you can see, My wardrobe choices are always Glamorous and striking. I love to wrap myself in the different textures of Silk, Lingerie and Latex.


My Crisp, clean ultra high quality audio is key in keeping the focus on tone of voice as a tool for seduction and ultimately control. My audio techniques are slow, hypnotic and layered back and forth to produce an immersive experience for you as the viewer. I will often layer very faint backing tracks underneath my audio for dramatic effect, utilizing sounds that are barely audible, yet achieve my desire to make you feel a certain way depending on my whims for the Day.