Devious Queen

Stepmother's seductive trap.

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Posted: 10/24/2016
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Category: Financial Domination
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Female Domination

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"This is a sequel to the last custom I ordered from you "Sweet inheritance" You inherited all my f****r's money by seducing it from your step *** even though the relatives did not want the money to go to you. To this day, no one is sure why, me, your step *** who hated you, suddenly decided to sign everything over his cold heart-ed step ***. Afterwards, no one wanted to talk with me and you took off to Florida to live in a big mansion, while I remained penny less and bitter for how you tricked me in that leopard print outfit and with those perfect breasts. However, I had also inherited my f****rs company (which was doing ***rly when my f****r died). Desperate, I was able to turn the company around and earn a fortune for myself. When you saw how high the stock price was one day, you noticed that I was also the Chief Executive Officer. Though already rich, but with funds rapidly depleting, you saw this as an opportunity to gain self-sustaining wealth. So you fly out to see me with your lawyer (who remains out in the hallway). You are wearing your fur coat, some sun glasses, a necklace, and a skirt on with dark lingerie on underneath (just in case Plan A goes south). Take off your sunglasses shortly after you enter. Start with Plan A by threatening me with legal action and demand control of the company. This should take a minute or two. That I made the right decision last year, signing over my inheritance to you. You see how mad I am at you for that. "you do remember HOW I got you to sign everything over to me don't you?" "It was so easy for me and I forgot all about you as soon as I left that door. Tell me how you have another contract for me to sign but that it doesn't require a pen. It states that if I cum on the place to sign, that it is as good as a signature. It will have my DNA after all to prove that it is me. I tell you how I have grown and how I won't fall for that. "Now let me apply my lipstick..." While doing so, tell me how you didn't want to resort to this but being the busy woman that you are, we had to speed things along and getting me to cum would be the fastest way. This offends me but you just slip into your seductive persona with ease. After a bit, come up to me and whisper to me that "when you give in and masturbate it will feel so good." Lick your lips. Sit back down and remove your fur coat which exposes your sexy dark lingerie, garter-belt, stockings, and all. Dangle your leg in a suggestive rhythm. "Does this turn you on?" Tell me to stroke it and give me JOI. How it is ok to stroke it as long as I don't cum. Once I start, say various things about how easy this is and how I won't last. How were right that I would be stroking and very soon, spilling my seed over that document. I do my best to maintain stamina but after a few minutes, do what needs to be done. I cant believe how sexy this is and you give me a countdown from ten, getting hotter and hotter. I blow my load at two because you are too much for me. Smile. "See, why I came dressed like this? To save time, moron." Cover yourself back up. Tell me how you hope this will have been our last visit because I disgust you. "

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