Beautiful B's Kinky Fun and Punishment!

Step mum f****s you to worship Her smelly feet in pampers

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Posted: 11/21/2015
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Footjobs , Foot Domination , Small Penis Humiliation

Look at you, absolutely pathetic, you make me sick and over the years I have certainly not grown any love for you, in fact, I am disgusted by you! I can't even take you anywhere! You can't control yourself and now I can't be around you unless you are wearing pampers. I am not going to clean up your "accidents" you can sit in your soiled nappy all day!!!!! I want you to do just that, I know you've been holding it all day, since you have to wear Big undies when your Mum or Dadd are around because they love you and don't mind a mess in your underpants. WELL FUCK THAT! OMG! Are you getting hard?! Of course you are. You are absolutely pathetic! It's my feet isn't it? Or is it me sneaking around smoking around you... Go ahead use that mess you made to warm it up in that d****r, lube yourself in your own waste! How fucking filthy, look at you, you can't control yourself when you see stepmums feet! You rub your d****r and get so hard for me and I control your every stroke until I demand you make a hot load in your d****r too!