Srly Arrangement

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Posted: 12/29/2017
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Adria has been secretly turning tricks on Craigslist to make a little extra spending money. She just arrived at her latest John's hotel room, when a vaguely familiar voice comes from the bedroom telling her to make herself at home. Adria takes a seat on the sofa and compulsively checks her phone. One missed call from ***. Before she can swipe to dismiss the notification, her date for the evening enters the living room and her jaw hits the floor.

Adria's big b*****r Aaron, wearing an expression of equal shock, stammers "What are YOU doing here?", even though they both know that their secrets have been revealed. Realizing that she was counting on the money from this "date", Adria asks Aaron if they can't reach some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement. Aaron, being an open-minded, pragmatic individual quickly agrees.

Noticing Adria's tight body for the first time in her slutty cocktail dress, Aaron is already engorged when Adria climbs up his lap and gingerly kisses his lips. Aaron pulls the top of Adria's dress down and takes her perky breast in his mouth. Adria slinks down and unzips Aaron's pants, revealing his rock hard cock. She runs her pouty lips up the veiny shaft before taking her b*****r's dick in her mouth. Aaron can't believe his little s****r's deepthroating skills. "She must be making a fortune!", he thinks.

After exploring Adria's tight pussy with his finger, Aaron knows he has to fuck his little s****r right now. He lays her on the couch and rips off his shirt, then proceeds to get his money's worth. He spins his sibling around and fucks her doggystyle. They both both moan and grind in unison until Adria feels Aaron shoot hot cum inside her. Looking over her shoulder, Aaron smiles back "I'm going to pay you to do this all the time!"

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Teen, Blow Job, Drool, Fingering, Fucking, Taboo, Body Views, Ass Views, Foot Views.

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