Kelle Martina

Squish Your Face

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Posted: 10/30/2018
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Category: Face Sitting
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Face Sitting , Big Butts , Femdom POV , Ass Worship , Ass

You are totally obsessed with my ass. I bet you could worship it all night while I ignore you. You’re just obsessed with the scent, the smell, the feeling of my big, round ass. I just want to squish your face right between my cheeks! I want to squash your nose flat while I bounce up and down on your face, using you as my little pillow, my seat. I’ll bet you’ve never felt jealous of a pillow before. That is, before I stick it under my ass and start bouncing and squishing that pillow flat with my big round ass. You’ve never wanted to be a pillow more in your life.

You’re totally obsessed with my butt.