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Spy Who Tied Me 2 - Clip 1

Price: $11.99
Clip length: 00:23:26
Posted: 07/13/2020
File size: 418.9 MB
Category: Damsel in Distress
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Big Tits , Gags , Boots , Lesbian Domination , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Starring Stacy Burke & Anastasia Pierce - Stacy gives an electrifying performance as an American spy captured by her own government. Is she a traitor? Anastasia is enthralling as the cruel torturer determined to find out. In Clip 1, Stacy looks outrageously hot in a black skirt, leather top and boots is bound to a chair. Anastasia opens Stacys top to reveal a sexy push up bra. She questions Stacy and cruelly smacks her with a riding crop and a leather belt. Stacy is then bound standing and topless. Again, she endures a wicked beating to her tender tits and ass. Next, Stacy is bound to a chair in just her panties. Anastasia steps on Stacys bare feet with the heel of her boot, causing her to scream in agony. Scene #BG0495