Ceara Lynch

Spit & Jeans

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Clip length: 00:08:05
Posted: 04/28/2018
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Category: Spitting

That ugly face is perfect for sitting and spitting on! I can’t stand you staring at my perfect ass in jeans, dreaming about burying your face into my warm bubbly cheeks. The only thing that fucked-up face deserves is the hot slimy spit straight from my mouth. I can tell you really want me to spit in your face. You must love being humiliated by hot girls. It’s the only attention you ever get from us, so I can see why it turns you on so much. You’ll never be good enough to pleasure a woman. No girl would fuck an ugly jerk like you. Just another wasteful worthless human being that’ll never be happy unless he is a servant of ridicule. All you’re good for is disposing of my spit. Lick it up, wipe it all over your hideous body, do whatever it takes so I never have to look at your stupid fucking face anymore!

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