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Spiderweb Ballbusting: Double Domination with Latex and Breathplay

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:07:54
Posted: 10/21/2018
File size: 695.11 MB
Category: Ball Busting
Secondary categories:
Double Domination , Breath Play , Latex , Female Domination

Miss Xi and the Contessa Aspasia give a painslut a shiny black boot ballbusting with them “stuck” in our web.  They’re wearing an intense sensory deprivation hood with muffled sound and a plug in their air hole, making it even harder to breathe through the pain of this real, hard BALLBUSTING from two gorgeous sadists.  Firm kicks to the bare cock and balls, dual kicks, kicks from the front and back, dropping them to the ground for our amusement. This video scene includes:


- Knees to the balls

- Hard Ballbusting

- Latex/ Rubber Outfits

- Sensory Deprivation Hood/ Breathplay

- Chain Spiderweb

- Double Kicking

- Black shiny Bitch Boots


We finish by seeing how hard and how many kicks in succession it takes to drop this painslut to the ground: kicks from the front and from behind over and over till they have to drop to the filthy dungeon floor.  Could you take as much for Us as this painslut bitch? You’ll have to prove it…

~ the Contessa