SPH Sexual Destruction

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Posted: 09/08/2017
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation

We've got some important work to do today. We're going to train your brain to think in the way it should have been wired for a long time. I'm going to recondition the way you think about pussy, about sex, about women in general - all off limits, for a tiny dicked loser like you. Deep down you know you don't deserve a sex life or any kind of female attention. But I want this to be a deeply ingrained truth for you by the time I'm done. In implanting triggers and molding your mind through my mindfucking verbal assault, I will train you to fear sex, to accept your handhumping as your only intimacy, and ultimately; destroy you sexually. Take the first step in undoing your manhood, and allow me to deconstruct everything you thought you wanted. It was never for you, teeny weenie.