Goddess Christina

SPH: Pindick Programming & Affirmations

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Clip length: 00:10:24
Posted: 06/22/2018
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation
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Humiliation , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Embarrassment , Chastity

To my small dicked little losers. May you never forget that you serve one purpose in this life. Will you always know just what you are good for. From the very moment you were aware and awoke to your shortcomings, your mind has been taunted by the truth vs your desire. I’ll guide you, remind you, and train you to be the best Pindick you can be. It’s time for your programming. All thoughts will ERASE as my words penetrate. Your affirmations shall ring true and complete your rewiring. You my sad little pinky dinked loser - will serve, worship, and obey your perfect bratty Goddess!