SPH Foot Fetish Virgin

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Posted: 05/25/2018
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Hi, I have to talk to you about something. I was talking to our mutual friend, you know the one who introduced us, and she told me something about you that I found a bit disturbing. I don't want to embarrass you... but I have to know if it's true or not. Are you somehow, at your age, still a virgin? WOW! I didn't think that was possible that someone could be as old as you and not have sex. I mean you're a nice guy, you're a bit shy, but you're very sweet. So what gives? Is it a life choice, or something else? Oh... don't be embarrassed, you can tell me. She only told me because I asked if I was doing something wrong with you since no guy has ever not tried to have sex with me after a date. I don't always have sex with them, but they at least try. I mean, that's what dating is about right? Especially for guys. So go on... tell me. You have a thing for feet? That's not that weird. Lots of guys and girls have a foot fetish. Why would that stop you from having sex? Aww, your face is getting all know what? You don't have to tell me. Instead, why don't we have some fun? I think you're playing hard to get tactic worked with me, because I suddenly need to get laid. But I don't want to rush you, so why don't we play a game. I'll let you play with my feet any way you want and I'll put my hand down my pants and rub my clit until we both have an orgasm. Then we can just take things from there. Does that sound like fun to you? Awesome. Now don't be embarrassed if you cum quick, because I'm actually pretty turned on by this. I've never done this before, so it won't take me long either. Here's one sexy foot, now the other. You like it when I wiggle my toes. Fun. All right, sliding my hand down my pants.....Ohhh...I'm really wet. Now pull your cock out for me. No, you don't get to be shy. Unzip your jeans, get that cock out, and start stroking. Come on, you know you can't help yourself. You're really making me work for this. Ohhh...fuck...I'm going to cum soon...pull him out...yes pull that zipper down....fuck yes...let me see you stroke it....let me see... What the fuck is that? What do you mean, what ? That tiny thing is your dick. You fucking liar. You make it seem like "I'm really shy, I have a weird thing for feet," but in reality, you have the tiniest little penis I've ever seen. You know it's one thing to just say, "I have a really small dick, that's why no woman would have sex with me". I could at least respect your honesty, but to lie about it......That's why no one has ever even given you a pity fuck. You're a liar. Oh no. You don't get to put that pathetic thing away. You wanted to jerk off to my feet, you're going to jerk that pathetic little worm to my feet. No, I'm not kidding. Go on, don't stop now. Aww, are you crying?! Great, you're a little bitch on top of being a pervert with a worthless penis. You have to know that all these things add up to you being a virgin forever, right? What did you just mumble in between your sobs? You're not pathetic? HA HA HA.....Yes, you are and how hard your tiny pecker is staying while I'm humiliating you proves it. Go on and finish bitch. I don't have all day. Oh no, you're not going to just shoot that little load anywhere. You're going to catch it, and eat it, or I'm going to kick your tiny balls into mush and make them even more useless than they are now. Eat it, Eat it I said! HA HA HA.... pathetic. Goodbye, freaky foot fetish virgin. Stay the hell away from me, freak.