Mistress Sophia Sylvan

Special Tutoring Session: Stroke for Teacher

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Posted: 12/13/2018
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Role Play , Age Regression , Taboo , MILF , Masturbation Instruction

Your teacher insists you come to her house for a special tutoring session. You're doubly anxious, you've been doing badly in her class, and you've been doing badly in her class because she makes you so horny that you can't pay attention. She greets you in a black dress with her thighs, ass and tits practically hanging out. You're instantly rock hard and try to cover it up as you sit down to study. Immediately, your teacher confronts you on your poor performance and tells you that she knows exactly why you are doing so badly. She sees you looking at her body, and spots your permanent erections that you're sporting in her class, trying to cover them with your books. She caresses her tits, teasing you about wanting her body. She tells you that this problem has to be nipped in the bud, the pressure released. She tells you that she knows you're a virgin and that she will help you, just take out your young cock and jerk off. Teasing you with her powerful legs in shiny nylon, her leather heels, and flashes up her skirt, you can't help yourself. She promises you better grades if you just try harder in class, and come over for regular extra tutoring. She tells you all that you can do with her if you just keep the secret...oral sex, giving and receiving, learning how to last longer sexually, how to fuck...and more. You'll be her little sex toy, her personal apprentice of fuck. She bends over and taunts you with her perfect ass, skirt riding up high, the scent of her wet pussy in the air driving you mad for what you've never had but want so much. You'll do anything for her. For now she wants to see you cum, so cum for teacher, now!