Ceara Lynch

Soul Sucker

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:09:05
Posted: 08/29/2018
File size: 937.52 MB
Category: Mesmerize

Nothing satisfies me more than brainwashing my helpless slaves. The fact is you can’t fight my power. When those eyes lock onto mine, you fall into a t****e that makes you willing and devoted to giving me all that you’re worth. You practically give your lives to me and all I do is suck out your souls in return. I drain your essence, your dignity, your entire life will belong to me now! Just an empty shell for me to manipulate and make into the ideal mindless servant. You should’ve listened to everyone that told you I was dangerous, that I’d steal your life away. It’s too late, and now you’ll never forget the power of my seduction.

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