Soldier's Inner Urethra Attacked

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Posted: 06/26/2016
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His girlfriend contacted me, told me that her boyfriend just got out of the Army and he would like to model for me, at first I cannot believe it. On the day of the shoot I was amazed how beautiful and manly this soldier was, however he was extremely nervous about the video shoot. This soldier has a large set of balls. After he laid-down on the table, I wasted no time, I started squeeze his balls HARD and hitting his balls with my other hand. In the video you will see how I was able to f***e his big testis under the thin layer of scrotum skin and how I was able to hitting his sensitive balls as he screams in agony. After playing with his balls I started deep sounding the guy… Man I had such awesome time pushing large sound rods inside of his virgin urethra. You will see all the facial expressions as I push and pull the sounding rod in and out of his urethral for the first time in his life. In the middle of sounding process. I started milking him slowly and when he was about to cum I denied his pleasure, and continuously fucking him with rosebud rod in his post ejaculated urethra, as this soldier's white cream pump out of his urethra by the rosebud sounding rod while his body twitched uncontrollably. (note.. You will hear a second set of the footsteps and moaning, that was his girlfriend, She was masturbating throughout the shoot)