Goddess Christina

Soft Smooth Velvet Perfection: Feeling Me Feel Myself

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Posted: 05/19/2018
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Category: Mesmerize
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Tit Worship , Tease & Denial , Financial Domination , Cock Tease , Ass Worship

There’s something about velvet that’s so attractive. Maybe it’s how soft the fabric is. Or possibly the sheen. Maybe you fantasize about gently rubbing your hard cock over it. Or even your hands slowly gliding over the smooth finish. Whatever it is that gets you going… seeing my sexy body covered in it turns you on. Makes you want to worship me. Just when you thought I couldn’t be any more perfect… you see me in this. This gorgeous velvet blue dress clinging to all my curves. Teasing you with my cleavage. My hand gliding over all the places that you want to touch. All you can do is bow down and take whatever glimpse of perfection permitted. A peek of my perky ass or my hand covering my sweet pussy. Any glimpse of my soft smooth velvet perfection will do. You would give up your right to touch yourself just to touch me.