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Posted: 03/23/2019
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JOI , Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV

So you want to be my little sock puppet slave? Well get down on your knees right now, it's time to worship me and my stinky gym socks!

Sydney is standing before you in all her glory, except today she just got back from the gym and she's wearing the same socks she always wears, that are now drenched in sweat. She knows how much you love her sexy legs and muscular calves, so she poses for you in mules while still wearing her crusty gym socks

After a few minutes of worshipping her hot muscles and perfect legs, she orders you to get down in front of her. She needs a new sock slave and you are going to be it. Get ready to be collared and chained to the floor where you belong! Sydney wants you to jerk off now, she wants you to cum for her dirty sweaty socks!

Are you worthy of this treat slave? Are you ready to become Sydney's permanent sock fucker?..