Ceara Lynch

Sock Boy Manipulation

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Posted: 01/02/2019
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Category: Socks

I’ve noticed you staring at my feet. It seems like whenever I wear a pair of knee high tube socks you just can’t stop staring. Don’t try to deny it. I know it’s true. It is pretty obvious you have a sock obsession. Many people have some sort of foot fetish. It could be worse, you could be into all kinds of weird fucked up things. So enjoying the euphoric scent of a girl’s sweaty socks is nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll even make you my own personal foot boy. You can massage my stinky socked feet after a workout, and if you do a good job I’ll let you pull my socks off with your teeth. I bet that if you begged I could be convinced to let you kiss and worship my bare feet. You would be the perfect foot cleaner, licking up my sock fuzz and sucking the sweat from between my toes.

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