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Sniff & Stroke to My Stinky Feet

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Clip length: 00:11:27
Posted: 09/08/2018
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Category: Foot Domination
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JOI , Foot Worship , Foot Humiliation

*custom clip* Description: Sit on the floor barefoot in the green bikini from the video Pathetic Ft Freak with your legs spread enough to see your stomach and the bottom piece of the bikini and your soles face the camera. Say “Here I am Brent. You’ve wanted this for years and now you got your ultimate fantasy - I’m in this bikini and my feet are fucking stinky.” Tell me we are going to play an edging game and to get my dick out and start rubbing my shaft with one finger, smell your feet, but not grab by dick. For the first 5-6 min spread your toes off/on cross your legs off/on (letting me see your stomach and bottom of the bikini when uncrossed), and talk about how stinky your feet are. Tell me to only rub my shaft and build up my load. Say things like: smell deeper, take it in, fill your head with my stink. Say “Brent know nothing makes you harder and cum more than smelling my stinky feet” Zoom in/out of your soles using your remote while you are instructing me to smell. After 6 min or so say “Brent this is where it gets real I’m going to make you blow the biggest fucking load of your life.” Slowly count me down from 15 Over the final 3-4 mins and make breathing sounds with each number, tell me to smell deep, get harder and build up my load by just rubbing my shaft while smelling. During the countdown zoom in and out from ur soles. Say “Brent I know you are getting so hard from my stinky feet that your heart is racing and your body is going numb.” At zero say “blow your load to my stinky feet Brent”