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Sniff and Shrink - Tomiko & Monica Jade

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:18:12
Posted: 02/16/2019
File size: 459.22 MB
Category: Giantess
Secondary categories:
Shrinking , Taboo , Humiliation , Ass Worship , Amazons

Tomiko is visiting Dr. Monica Jade because she is tired of having you around. They have a large f****y full of women, and there is no need for a ***. She wants to shrink you down to the size of a bug and that way you are out of the way. Dr. Monica supports this idea and encourages Tomiko's decision to step on you when finally shrunk.

Dr. Monica administers the rare shrinking virus. Tomiko becomes confused when it does not happen immediately, but Dr. Monica assures her that they just need to add the catalyst which will start the process. Dr. Monica lifts her skirt and tells you to kneel down and sniff it. You are reluctant, but Tomiko insists. As you sniff her ass, you start to shrink. In order to make the process go faster, Tomiko adds her own scent. Down, down, down you go!

Once you are to ankle height, Tomiko picks you up and places you on a chair so she can sit on you. It f****s you to sniff her panties and makes you bug size. Now that you are the perfect size, she puts you on the floor.

When you try to run for the door, Dr. Monica blocks you with her foot. The two giantesses stand above you and start stomping on you. The shrinking process makes you more durable, so they stomp extra hard with their big feet until you are squashed.

OTHER KEYWORDS-medical fetish, smell fetish, female domination, height humiliation, ass sniffing, ass fetish, Oriental,  black, Monica Jade, humiliate