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Posted: 03/31/2018
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Female Domination

I love scent slaves and have been passing off my smelly socks and having post-workout feet worshipped, cleaned and moisturized. Here's a pair of one of my "on rotation" workout socks, I wear them for about a week and store them in a jar between crossfit or pilates sweat sessions. 

I want you to be inspired and motivated by my foot scent. Allow yourself to slip into a multi-sensory smelly foot fan position, below my feet on my floor, beneath my throne (or in this case my plounge). Here I'm talking to you about how I like to play with scent and breath, how I want my scent to motivate you and be what you think about in the day. 

Soon I'll mail these tasty treats out to someone or tuck them into their mouths, or lay my socked feet on their face.  Hopefully when that slave takes my socks home they keep one in their pocket or desk, s***p with them, play with them and don't waste and of my scent. 

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