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Small Problem

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Posted: 05/23/2017
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You've been telling me this whole time that your dick was "average" and I've been ok with it (even though I can't feel anything when we fuck) because you are my first boyfriend and I don't know any better. I thought there was something wrong with me because all my friends talk about how much their tight pussies ache after their big strong boyfriends fuck them. Today in health class, they taught us how to put a condom on. They used a banana and told us THAT was average.... but it is WAY bigger than you. I think you've been lying to me. Yours is the size of my pinky. Maybe puberty skipped you or something. But I want to try one of these banana dicks. I love you, but Im going to fuck some other boys. Maybe you could get some of your friends to do it? Ill still date you, but fuck your friends that you bring to me? You can jerk off and watch so your little baby cock gets some pleasure too. I know this must be HUMILIATING... but look how big it is compared to my tiny tight hole? Look how it fills up my mouth! You just slip out!