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Small Dick Boyfriend Humiliation

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Posted: 01/08/2018
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Ashley's friend Lucy wants her to take a look at her boyfriends little cock. Lucy hasn't been with many guys before but she suspects that his dick isn't average (like he has been telling her.) She can't really feel it and it looks tiny. He insists that it is average but Ashley will know if it is or not when she sees it. Ashley has been with a lot of guys and she has told Lucy about how big and thick they are and how she quivers when a big dick slides inside her, bringing her to orgasm. The boyfriend is humiliated (POV) and Ashley laughs her ass off and exposes him as the pinky dick m****r fucker he really is. How embarrassing! Now that Ashley knows, EVERYONE will know because she has a big mouth. The funny thing is, it makes you hard for her to look at it but she warns you, DO NOT CUM on her floor.