Janey Jones

Slow Sensual CEI

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Clip length: 00:12:46
Posted: 07/26/2018
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Cum Shots , Cum Play

CUSTOM CLIP, ORIGINAL SCRIPT: For the scene, I will have 16 cum loads saved for the beginning. 2 big cum cubes (8 loads in each!!!)---For the first 1/3 of the scene, you have me put one cube in my mouth, and melt it, swallowing just a little bit, but then spitting out the melted loads in a cup---you have me repeat this with the second cube as well...little swallows, then melted spunk into a waiting glass.----NOW, the fun begins for the last 2/3 of the scene/session---you have me pour out the cum from the glass evenly into 10 different shotglasses; like lining out shots at a bar...and for the remainder of the clip you have me down ALL 10 of the super full cum shots; one after another!--Having me do whatever you want, pull out any stops you want, AS LONG as you have me do sensual and prolonged cumplay and cum swallowing any imaginative thing you think up or feel like having me do (snowball back into cup several times, use dildos and bpluggs, pour one of two cumshotglasses into a squirter dildo for facials, etc) very deep cumplay---at the end you have me hold the last shotglass full of cum in my mouth as you have me cum anew and do whatever you'd like me to with that!---