Worship Miss Adrienne

Slo-Mo Ass Jiggle Tease

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Posted: 05/08/2014
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Booty Shaking , Panty Fetish , Humiliation , Brat Girls , Ass

I'm about to go out and party in this sexy black dress.. can you just imagine what you would do if you saw me out in this? You'd probably try to follow behind me like a pathetic drooling puppy, watching my ass move back and forth ahead of you as I walked, watching it move inside this dress that's so tight you can almost see my panties through it! It just clings to my nice round booty in all the right ways! You'd imagine lifting it up and seeing how my juicy ass looks when it's moving unrestricted. Haha you'd be so desperate! Well since I know how pathetic you are and how you're just going to be home alone all night while I'm out having fun with my lucky friends, I'll give you just a little taste of what you're missing. You get so weak when I slide my dress up and slap, shake and jiggle my ass! Hahaha! I'll even play it back in slow motion for you just to blow your mind even more with every juicy jiggle and shake of my cheeks!