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Sleepy Angel Lee

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Posted: 03/23/2018
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Category: Yawning
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Big Tits , Sleeping - Knockouts , Magic , Female Training , Uniforms

Angel Lee had a hard day at work and has not even changed out of her Hooters girl uniform. Despite her best intentions, she cannot stop yawning. Her mouth opens wide and before she realizes what is happening, she falls limp to the floor.

A short time later, she awakens and yawns before crawling her way up. Again she falls to the floor with her legs splayed and out like a light. Up and down she goes, sleeping, waking up and yawning.

Scott comes in and ragdolls her arms to make sure that she is really out. He flops her head and rolls over her heavy body so that he grope her. A girl like her would never give him attention in real life, so this is his chance to play!

His quick thinking at the restaurant allowed him to plant a chipthat is inserted in her cleavage and he fiddles with his remote. A switch of the button and he is able to make her hand move at his command.

When she awakens again, Angel is so confused as to why she is so tired.

OTHER KEYWORDS-  hand over mouth, magic control, erotic magic,  woman following orders, Angel Lee,  fainting fetish, long hair, Scott Torvea

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