Goddess Christina

Slave Meditations: 420 Edition

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Posted: 05/04/2018
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Category: Mindfuck
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Mesmerize , Tit Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Ass Worship

In your head… where I should be at all times. I’m going in deeper. Consuming you. Activating all the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that I want you to have. My words sink deep and become a part of you. With each PUFF you go deeper. Breathing me in. Sinking down into that place of pure peace and pleasure. Your eyes wander up and down my perfect body. You feel at ease. Relaxed. Stimulated. HARD! What I do to you is just what you need. When I say STROKE you feel pure passion. Your hand glides up and down… faster… and faster! You love this moment. You know that you’re in my world now and there’s no other place you’d rather be. What I do to you is what you crave. You need me. You must worship me. Breathe me in.